Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pine Tree Arboretum on Long Island N.Y.

It is a famous place on Long Island: the Bailey Arboretum. 
Mr. Bailey was a well to do business man at the beginning of the 20 century.
He collected pine trees from all over  various countries and so he established this very unique arboretum
On a  quiet day Blue Bird went to take some photographs for the Vaumau  and Nature talks blogs.
Than for a change she sent the pictures to England to her long time friend: Argo.
He is an  extremely talented  young man artist.
He and Blue Bird both were doing a program on BBC some time ago and so they
got to know about each other.
For some unknown reason Argo does not make a blog, but send some ingenious photos to Blue Bird.
She happily post  Argo's work in Blue Bird's bogs.
At this time Argo created a very funny work of art:
The Pine tree became Grouch the well known actor in the Seasame Street TV production.
Certainly is very clever original art.
Wonder what will happen
 if Grouch  find himself in the form of a Pine Tree?
Certainly believe that Argo, as the Author of this unusual funny artwork
will contact those TV producers!???????????!!!!!!!!!!
This page in the Vaumau blog is a collaboration of Argo and Blue Bird  in 2012
The text is subject for editing and corrections.



  2. More comment: but like with other activities: the interpretation is left to Blue Bird. It's OK, only the time is getting late to publication.
    Thanks anyway in the name of the artists for got good revue!

    /bb :))))))))))