Friday, January 28, 2011

some things around me

Some of my favored movies 2 tapes from Monty Pythons classical productions :
"The meaning of life"
" The life of Brian"

I used to play them on this little TV machine
where the guard is a Cardinal.

On a day with some sunshine at a window
you can see
the shadow ( from paper cutout)
of a hawk.
This is there to scare the birds away
because if the fly into the window
they get killed
by breaking their delicat scall.
Learned it
while attending lectures
in a bird sanctuary.

A smal size picture
hand crafted
from textils.
A memory from Switzerland
where I bought it
showing Geneva's buildings.

This is a rather large size acrylic painting ( from me)
signed and copy righted.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

looking for color

From the window you see just snow snow snow white....

Looking for color!

Yesterday it was in the mail:

a catalogue for Spring sale in bedding:

covers, blankets, all sheeting, towels etc.
There were

many many colors on the pages:

This is a quilt cover with all possible colors

for those who like

the busy quilting look

You can choose any color for your bathroom

from these towels

It's a mighty colorful bed.

I don't know

if it is relaxing

while you trying to rest?

For my taste

I prefer the calming effects

of the greens.


On a dark snowy day I just grabbed this catalogue

of a store, where I used to buy merchendise

for various needs in my


I don't do this presentation for the store,

certainly no commercial activity

but quickly to find colorful things

it seemed to be handy.

It was so dark and was just snow everywhere,

I took a chance to take

pictures from this colorful catalogue.

But because of the very poor light

the photos are not the best.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

flurries for today

I left the sketch book open when the news was talking about early morning flurries
at least I can see some Spring in the book I painted

Before the flurries came
the bird feeder was active:
couple of birds finding some left overs

while snowing
a squirrel came down from the tree
just to see how deep are the flurries?

this much snow came with the flurries
and now I have to wait till I can get out until the roads are passable.

Thanks to Mother Nature: the temp is rising above freezing!

____________________________VAUMAU BLOG is not just art
but remain in everyday realiality
to see what is art good for among many things: like
there was Spring in the past and again will come hopefully soon.

Monday, January 24, 2011

pages from a sketchbook

Girl with black hair . Tempera painting

Thinking . Tempera paint.

Yellow wrap. tempera, sold.

Just a note with tempera

Abstract nude, mixed media sold

Private collection, CA.

Little watercolors

from the San Diego Zoo.

scarlate beauty. same as above

Sunday, January 23, 2011

WELCOME to the opening

Of the new
Vaumau blog
first time presentation.
Some art works: mostly paintings from my studio.
Just a few minutes to paint a hired model
There were a couple of studios I used to go painting. Professional models were hired for couple of hours for quick moving poses.

This painting is mixed media:

watercolor, ink and pastel.

An other style of bikini. I used to be also a fashion designer some time ago. :-)

On the Internet you know just takes a click and you can be anywhere in the world. As we freezing here on the East Coast of the USA, at the very same time on the other side of the Globe is wonderful summer
like this.

Watercolor of a flower. Signed with real name :)

As I said:
I do something else
for cheers
in the middle of snowstorms
deep freeze and chase the
winter boredom.
Hope you like it.