Friday, January 28, 2011

some things around me

Some of my favored movies 2 tapes from Monty Pythons classical productions :
"The meaning of life"
" The life of Brian"

I used to play them on this little TV machine
where the guard is a Cardinal.

On a day with some sunshine at a window
you can see
the shadow ( from paper cutout)
of a hawk.
This is there to scare the birds away
because if the fly into the window
they get killed
by breaking their delicat scall.
Learned it
while attending lectures
in a bird sanctuary.

A smal size picture
hand crafted
from textils.
A memory from Switzerland
where I bought it
showing Geneva's buildings.

This is a rather large size acrylic painting ( from me)
signed and copy righted.


  1. Thanks for your invitation, I speak English too (not as well as should, but I attempt:P)

  2. Lucky Perta! Because of this comment I got the information I was looking for. Nice to know where you are, I know Erdely, but in your city I never was. Anyawy welcome and feel free to ask questions.
    Hope you have nice weather there, but here near to NYC we have very hard time with lot of snow, cold and more trouble to come.
    Julia/blue bird :)

  3. Well, yes, Im from Erdély, in your language Transilvania:D.And how, or where did you learnt Hungarian?
    Here the weather rather chilling, with a little snow, rain, mud but more ice what I really hate, and I can't wait the spring:D.
    And don't give up, can't snow all the time:)
    (Sorry for the grammer mistakes, or if sometimes not too clear what I want to sad:P)

  4. Hi Julia :)
    Will you continue posting on NatureTalks? Or will you be here from now on?
    You take good care of the birds, the papercut hawk was a good idea.
    Love your painting "the spirit of the seahorse", great work. So nice you share your art with us.

  5. Thank you Ladies from the Blogger World!
    I answer certain questions only on E-mail
    for Perta.
    For Hilde: definetely will do stuff on Nature talks only the art stuff does not belong there.
    But the Groundhog should go to Nature Talks. Thanks to remind me.
    May be tomorrow on the real day I do the groundhog in a little different format. Love and hugs: J/bb :)