Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Waiting a day before

The sun came up as usual

But something was in the air
as the birds gathered
with noisy discussion

many more birds were just doing the same
talking about what are
they waiting for

Two Blue Jays found some seeds in the snow
and they said
could not care less
because what is coming
is coming
and they laughed!

While the groundhog was listening:
as all of us:birds and bees and humans
we all are waiting for:
the groundhog day
February 2..
He said

ready to come out and stay out
from the stuffy, stinky underground den.
As the story goes:
if he sees his shadow in a bright sunshine
he will go back to sleep for 40 more days! :(

because it is such a miserable day
ice storm watch
while I am writing this post
( can not be worse weather)
winter will be over soon
and he will come out
to stay happily
Spring will come SOON.

(not soon enough)
photos by @blue bird


  1. Heisann!

    Thought I was a follower, now I am ;:OD)

  2. Thank you Vilt og Vakkert! We had some memorable Groundhog day with extremely nasty weather. May be will be soon Spring-- after all!