Thursday, February 3, 2011

in my home handmade stuff

This is a well known pattern from Hungary.

The middle of a Persian carpet.
I value tremendously the work of
the Persian women
as carpets like this are made
by thousands
of little nuts.

A woolen blanket
made by a Lady
with endless patience.
The little flowers
are crochet one by one
and finally
the many hundreds
are crochet together.

I think it is just amazing
the work involved
patience to make a blanket
like this.

This is also handmade.
A pillow from Germany.

Very cute pattern
of a flowerpot
with flowers
growing from it.
Also German.

An other beauty of the needle and thread.
The entire
surface is needle work.

I made this post on a day when the Sun was shining,
no excitement of a storm today.
It is not Nature Talk, but perhaps
same Ladies in Blogworld
will be interested who are also involved
to make handmade beauties.
A theme like this belongs
in the VAUMAU blog.
Nature Talks is alive and well
untill will Talk to be posted in the right place: soon.:)


  1. Error and correction: at the Persian carpets a words is misspelled: nuts correctly is knots what are the carpets are made of.

  2. Julia, it's a beautiful blog! I love handcrafted things and you have some lovely ones.

  3. Thank you Leigh! Actually the cover on the couch where the pillows are it is woven wool. I guess ultimately that is what you did before got busy with your lively "family"! It's OK, what ever you do as long as you enjoy it! Love hugs: Julia
    P.S. You are cordially invited to the followers.:)

  4. Thanks for posting, Julia, I enjoyed the photos. Beautiful handmade items!

  5. Thank you Ladies! Yes they are nice, but non of then is my work! :)))))