Tuesday, February 8, 2011


GALAXY as presented by a girl from 6Th grade

THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE painting of a 8Th grade student

THE LIGHT HOUSE is a very lovely painting of a student in 8Th grade

The local Library has every year an art show
from the artworks of children
mostly paintings.
The show is very popular
visited by many people.
Yes, it is permitted to sell and buy
some of the artworks.


  1. Burok is my blog's name. Yes, the colored drawing is my work, and you can find more drawings if you revise the older posts:P. More...rather few:P. Drawing and painting just hobby, but my teacher incessantly send to art university.
    I don't know, why cant't you folollow my blog, or why didn't appear the link after my name, but I look after by the settings. If you want, try again.
    The painting about Brooklyn Bridge very beautiful:)

  2. Hi Perta! Got news for you: my main blog the NatureTalks is in crash! Can not even open it, but have a yound man who can fix it when he gets to it! This happens very rarely, I was cleaning the Internet files and accidently click the wrong button.
    I know what is it, but still wait for him to come around, or fix it remote.
    Temporarly will post in vaumau. Sorry!

  3. Very talented children. It must have been a beautiful exhibit.