Sunday, January 23, 2011

WELCOME to the opening

Of the new
Vaumau blog
first time presentation.
Some art works: mostly paintings from my studio.
Just a few minutes to paint a hired model
There were a couple of studios I used to go painting. Professional models were hired for couple of hours for quick moving poses.

This painting is mixed media:

watercolor, ink and pastel.

An other style of bikini. I used to be also a fashion designer some time ago. :-)

On the Internet you know just takes a click and you can be anywhere in the world. As we freezing here on the East Coast of the USA, at the very same time on the other side of the Globe is wonderful summer
like this.

Watercolor of a flower. Signed with real name :)

As I said:
I do something else
for cheers
in the middle of snowstorms
deep freeze and chase the
winter boredom.
Hope you like it.


  1. Heisann!

    Wonderful, J!
    Glad to know your 'hidden' talents. I wish you luck in further acts. I will go to France and paint just before Easter for ten days....That will be a new experience to me, painting course in French, painting is an International language, so I'll manage!!!

  2. Hello Nina! Thank you for your quick respons. I'll see if this post goes through, because I lost one just now. J/bb

  3. OK! Google had again a little hang up with my first message!
    I will write about my past happening about my artist carrier in E-mail. Not proper for comment.
    In France the Provence is the best place for artist with magical light. Love: J/bb :)

  4. Hi Blue bird :) Great artwork, I enjoyed the presentation. Thanks for sharing!
    Love the watercolour of a flower. wonderful :)
    Oh, I wish I could paint, but I'm absolutely hopeless, no artistic qualities at all.

  5. Thank you Hilde! Everybody is capable to do many things what we don't even think about. With the love and discipline you do gardening it is obvious you could make wonderful artworks!
    Try, it is so much fun! You know: I have a teaching diploma also, can talk from experience.